KC Past Weekend Report, Plus

Had a full and fun tour in the KC area, there initially due to a great Ev. Cov. pastor friend’s daughter requesting the song “Tapestry” in the ceremony, recorded years ago by myself. The bride, groom, family and friends were a treat to be with, the wedding, reception and fellowship were all really sweet and it was a pleasure to be a small part of it all.

There was also an extensive radio interview (podcast w. video of this as well)…

And a GK concert at Community Covenant Church in Kearney, MO (where Paul Clark came by, so great to visit with him a bit after many years!)

And a stop at both locations at Freedom Ministries in KC, MO…

All of these were truly amazing peeps to share and work with and I couldn’t have been treated with more grace. THANKS to Marc and Elise Murchison and each of the folks in each place!

A bit of family time now, GKB and solo rehearsals, webwork and getting ready for Audio Feed Festival sets (solo, GKB and more) in Champaign, Illinois in the July 4th week.

Then on to Aurora, Illinois for a True Tunes get-together w. John J. Thompson and several other cool people.

The week after I join w. several other artists and more friends at Unite Fest in Peoria, Illinois and following that Wendi and I are off to a lengthy tour in Finland where I believe we last toured in Resurrection Band.

All details to be posted soon as we get a few more of ’em.

Essentially I’m jus’ sittin’ around eatin’ bon-bons… NOT 🙂 !

May your summer be a blessed one- and as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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