FLOW? Unexpected Changes!

Now right from the top I can say the Spirit was with me today in that so many things happened in the course of “a normal day” that I claim zero credit for keeping calm. My Christian friends would say “Well He’s ALWAYS with you of course!” and that’s true but I’m talking about helping me (The Helper as Jesus refers to Him) in the most immediate, direct way in terms of attitude.

Further, what follows are an artist’s (or agent’s) booking commonalities as well as family and basic stuff that is truly (and rather Mickey Mouse) “first-world” change-ups, not life-threatening, survival, minority landslide and two-thirds world experiences.

In an upcoming month four concerts/appearances were on the calendar fairly solid. Three of them needed to make changes to re-schedule but within the same month due to both their and my commitments, so no cancellations, just re-doing the dates. As I was already working on other concert-associated matters online another change came up, and then I received a phone call re. yet another!

All this happened within about a twenty-minute span between my doing our laundry which was a tad backed-up, then finding out our building’s alley was being torn apart for re-surfacing the roadway which affects several things including my wife’s breathing and sleep, and then another change having to do with at first, my not having to take her to her physical therapy session but then being her only way to and from that -and lastly a meeting with a couple leaders canceling due to one of them having vehicle issues.

NONE of this was expected, most of it all happened within an hour’s time and the truth is I was a little amazed I didn’t freak out.

Poor Wendi said “Well maybe I just miss the pool rehab this week” and I was able to say “Don’t worry, I think we can work it out -shall I fold and put the dried laundry away when we get home, and hang the no-dries up before we leave? Can that work?” She said “Sure!” and now I sit typing as she’s doing her pool work.

Flow. Yes, it’s a word some of us are more comfortable with than others, or at least sometimes. It’s also a word some truly hate because in life we don’t always get things to go (or finish them, get stuff done) exactly as we wish.

But it’s these changes, the right-now-boom stuff that often seems to weird me out and if I’m not careful, affect my mood and therefore my attitude and therefore interaction with others. Impatience, lack of flexibility is of course a common thing among humans, but this is where one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit -patience- as well as creative thinking -meaning finding a work-around, taking a breath, a prayer and at times outside-the-box thoughts, considering the other person’s angle on an issue or solution and finally, THIS AIN’T LIFE AND DEATH SO CALM DOWN DUDE/DUDETTE!- can all help one’s perspective when the unforseen changes hit and of course, hit they will!

One of the many beautiful things about an actual faith relationship with Jesus and His Word is that HE never changes.

All the rest of life -well I think you know that’s not how it goes.

Something to help encourage you on the journey I hope -because we all experience this stuff.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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