New Simple Diddley Bow (1 Stringer)


Yup, just hadda. Amazing how cool cardboard can sound w. a little neck, a slide and a chopped-up credit card pic 🙂

Oh, and this one made for playing slide only, with a bass string.

The cool bit on that is though it’s so very short and small, dinky box too, still it has depth of tone. Right now I’m liking it with one of my 3 way copper plumber fittings for a slide.


Tip-to-tip length: 19 1/5 inches

Box: 6 3/4 in. x 6 3/4 in. x 2 in. thick

Scale: Bridge to upper (not actually a nut per say) screw string guide 17 1/4 inches

“A” bass string tuned to Db (D flat) -I am liking this!

It’ll easily pack into a little bag for travel. Maybe I’ll add a pickup… hmmmm… got several to choose from around the shop.


Very light but enough weight it can sit to be played in my lap or upright as per typcial guitar playing yet no string/strap needed. Fun!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


2 thoughts on “New Simple Diddley Bow (1 Stringer)

  1. Cool, would love to see a video of the guitar being played. Maybe come up with a new song – jam time.
    I love the simplicity of taking nothing (or practically garbage items) and turning them into something that is very cool, gives new life.
    Just the way Jesus does with our lives. He takes our nothing and He breathes life into, and then the life He gives can spread out to help other people find out that there is life after death. I’ve heard about dying to ourselves our whole life and I think I’m just finally starting to figure it out.

    Ansonia, CT

    1. Thanks, yep, all true! One day at a time. Transformation is all about dealing w. our limitations but taking the risk with found object stuff… and life in Jesus because He decided we were worth more than risk. -Glenn

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