Joliet TC Report

Wow. Another WOW day for me.

I woke up checking an email from a bro in the UK. Part of his story is doing time in prison, both for what he’d done and one time for what he had not, and was eventually released. While there he realized that being a reflection of His Savior was important.

Ok, I’m a musician- and you may realize musicians don’t really become lucid until about 8pm or so and after a long life of being one, that pretty well describes me.

So it was early up, bring breakfast to my sleeping wife who also had a phys. rehab appointment this morning, and then load the gear and out I went into a light rain and a little over an hour commute.

I never thought the day would come when walking into most any facility with brick, officers in uniform, high fences, razor wire and big locks on huge, heavy doors would feel so welcoming to me but I noticed feeling that way sometime last year in one of my prison tours. I’ll likely feel it again top of next week during another evening visit to Cook County Jail, Chicago. Yesterday I renewed my annual CCJ ID so am good for another year on that as well.

Today, the kind Chief Chaplain for the facility Fr Louie met me with a smile and hug, the gatehouse officers were polite and professional and all systems were “Go” for the set.

The Lord mercifully stopped the rain just as I arrived and the short walk to the gym was (unlike last year in a pouring rain) puddle-free.

It seemed I could do no wrong during the set and was graced with nearly two hours to bring music, segments of my life story and hopefully for the men, both challenge and encouragement to grow regardless of circumstances. In a word, HOPE. If I could change anyone could and can!

At the end of our time together I asked if I would be allowed to greet the men, was approved and each one were super encouraging to me.

Then, one bro. named Bill, smiling, handed me something he’d created during my set. Wow.

Art is a great therapy and I meet a lot of talented artists behind bars, but something unexpected and personal like this in a moment like today was soooo cool. And he even gave me a bit of hair on top 🙂

My plan is to visit several of the Illinois Dept. of Corrections facilities (including JTC) quarterly.

Such a good day!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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