End of April Update

April showers bring May flowers for sure!

Last week Wendi and I had an amazing time at our ECC Central Conference Celebration 2019, I got to share and do a music set, attend several very inspired message and fellowship meetings with old and new friends. Thankful!

GKB is about to play Motorcycle Sunday in Aurora, Illinois with more old friends and tomorrow I fly to North Carolina for a cigarbox guitar building workshop and a show.

Then next Tuesday I’m bringing a concert to Joliet Treatment Center (an Illinois prison where inmates diagnosed with mental health issues are), my second visit there.

Just look through my posts in my site here and you can find my entire May schedule. I’ll be adding my whole June schedule in a few days also.

As per earlier post/s, my tracking is done on “Ain’t No Bars” (Around My Heart) project, and my tracking on the protest project which will follow is maybe 1/5th finished so hopefully I’ll get more of that recorded over the next month.

Loving the rain in Chicago today, truly dig being in it when dressed for it. If you’re homeless and the wind blows near the lake as it often does, not so nice. Perspective.


As I age to really listen and understand “the other’s” perspective is more and more important to me. I think it’s always been like that for God as He loves and cares deeply for everyone whether a full-on lout or a (seemingly) “respectable” person. He makes His sun shine on the righteous and unrighteous, and His rain falls on the just and unjust.

Lord help me be just in Your justice and not “just US”!

I hope your Spring (in the northern hemisphere) is a good one. For the other half of the world, may your autumn be blessed.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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