Easter 2019 Lyric

The song melody is in my head. I’ll record it in good time…

May you know and follow the One and Only Risen Savior: Jesus Christ!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

EASTER IN A BOTTLE -glenn kaiser

How many days
How many nights
Tears, pain, shame
You know every drop that falls
Listen to the rain

How we cling to the vapor
Dust to dust return
The same sun that brings us light
Surely melts and burns
Here no continuing city
We seek one to come
In Your deepest suffering
Blood poured out for us

First the darkest hour
Then came the dawn
That stone rolled away
Then death could not be found
Our tears in a bottle
Daybreak comin’ ’round
Our cryin’ will be tears of joy
Drops of love come down

Drops of love come down

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