New Electric Diddley Bow Slide Guitar Build

BassStringDiddleySliderSo in that I needed a diddley bow (one stringer) and had an old piece of quite warped wood lying around BOWEDneckForDiddleyBow

-and a cool box just sent (thanks Jack and Jean!) from longtime friends in Florida, and a fresh pickup… why not BUILD one?

This time I laid the bar-type pickup alongside the neck under the top near where the neck meets the body, put a bass string on ‘er and tuned it to C.

I sanded, then stained the neck with hot coffee grounds just to match the box a bit more.

Hadn’t built a git for quite some time and decided as I’m getting close to finishing my tracking on the next recording project, the song needed a fresh one as opposed to using any of my many other diddleys.

Also used one of my bud Shane Speal’s amazing slides to work that string 🙂

And now to work out.

She was fun to make and is a joy to play.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

GK Appearance Schedule- March 2019 Update

Wendi’s knee replacement rehab is going so very well, so proud of my amazing girl- thanks for prayers all!

So I will begin to do more shows this month, and here’s the update. A LOT of gigs booked right through October but as usual we’ll publicize them about one month ahead of time right through the year.

You can check here bottom right for links to my various other WordPress blog sites, Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as GrrrRecords.Com (in the Shows section there) for updates as well.

The recording sessions are going amazing, nearly done with all my parts, then on to various guests doing their work. First of two books is in the editing stage. Doing a great deal more song writing as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


MON. 11 Cook County Jail, Chicago

MON. 18 Cook County Jail, Chicago

FRI. 23 Dixon (IL) Correctional Center w. Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators

MON. 25 Cook County Jail, Chicago