My “Social Gospel/Justice” Comment To the Church

If and when we as individuals and/or collective bodies of professing Christ followers have violated scripture (God’s Word, The Bible) in our attitudes, speech, behavior or policies, we need to repent –regardless of our political affiliation or lack thereof.

Moral authority, any genuine moral example the Church (all actual followers of Jesus in whatever form or communion) has to call sinners to faith and repentance re. the world around the church BEGINS with our own individual (and when applicable) shared repentance.

Every generation of believers have had to wrestle with this reality from the beginning -I’m referencing Adam and Eve re. personal responsibility before a holy and righteous God. The pattern has continued to this moment and will not end until He “rolls up the world like a scroll”. But hear this: “judgment begins in the house of God.”

God is clear throughout both Testaments that He is the only perfect (indeed is and shall be) Judge. As much as we love to blow off judgment as non-existent, neither Jesus nor any prophet in The Bible, Paul, James, John, or Peter or any of the Gospel writers not include it as part of their testimony.

For all the truly good-hearted service we professing Christians perform, for any love we show anyone anywhere at any time, we all still sin as well as make mistakes. We do neither Christ nor those without faith and relationship to Him any favors by running to defense mode (which of course, most of us fly into very quickly) when we are being called out, especially in public.

I am NOT saying any should and must confess and apologize for sins we have NOT committed. I am indeed saying plenty of believers in our day have fallen into mean-spirited, harsh and indeed ignorant rant patterns when it comes to facing up to our own responsibilities of loving others as Jesus commands us… while at the same time pounding loudly on the issue of THEIR (the “others”) responsibility. That, dear friends, is hypocrisy.

A core concern is “social gospel” meaning that there are those who are “so focused on practical matters of sinful society they have rejected, ignored or stopped preaching the very gospel of Christ”.

I hear that complaint and agree it has -some-, some I say… merit. What has much greater merit is the very Word of God such folks often ignore while applying it to others.

For your consideration:

I am convinced God’s OWN heart and view rather than yours, mine or any particular local church, stream or denomination among us is THE moral, ethical and actual high ground of truth. This is not something I wish to debate. Where the issue explodes is whether we apply only those verses that comfort as opposed to confront -us-.

It was a murderer who asked the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

That term “keeper” in Hebrew means to keep, guard, observe, in essence “to care for”. The idea that it’s all about the individual doing it all for themselves apart from anyone else is not a biblical concept with zero link to you and I caring for others. Standing at a distance and judging them has zip to do with scriptural love.

Jesus commands us to love, love our very enemies, “give to the one who asks of you”! There is no debate about these very words of His in the Gospels which ARE the Gospels. Divorcing the Good News from the action of sharing what others need is not a Bible truth. It is a human re-direct, a “legal loophole” game with no footing but is in fact a division from Jesus’ Own teaching and example. “Command” is the accurate term and if you know His words you know this to be beyond debate.

The argument happens when it comes to applying The Book of Truth to our daily relationships.

The mirror of God’s commands are ever to be trusted above our own hearts and defenses, for before Him “none is righteous”. In and through Jesus Christ alone, in and by His grace via faith (both undeserved, unearned gifts from Him!) we have ground and example of how to treat our neighbor.

Church- how are we doing at this?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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