Slide Guitar Stuff

Just so you know- LOTTA folks ask me to publicize their music, website, workplace and so forth. As I don’t want to simply be an add-man for anybody it’s only now and then I’ll post what I think friends of mine are doing that deserves wider attention. This is one of those times.

My bud Shane Speal just sent me one of these. VERY cool.

Turquoise (Jasper) Stone Guitar Slide

Like him I use all sorts of slides, handmade, store-bought, junk and whatever.

You might already know I play slide guitar on a lapsteel and several 6 string electric gits as well as cigar box guitars, each set up for slide playing. But this here may be the best well-considered basic tutorial for slide playing I’ve yet read:

And then I will say what he offers and what he does with a portion of the loot is very, very cool. (read Slides, Africa & The Blues, etc.)

In my workshops I’ve long taught folks to play slide and am on record saying it is BY FAR the simplest, easiest way to get into guitar playing. Others may disagree but I can list a number of reasons why I came to that conclusion years ago. In any case, enjoy!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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