Spiritual Diabetes

If you want simple and in-your-face answers you’re in the wrong place. I mean, living on planet earth!

What I’ll call “spiritual diabetes” seems a likely metaphor for what I’m going to generally address now.

My family- Mom, Dad, brother and sister (as far as I know) were all diagnosed or eventually had to face diabetes. If you have this disease, really know someone well who does or have studied it, you likely know much of the following.

I’ve been right at the edge of this for years and being the last of three siblings in such a family wasn’t in the least surprised when something like a dozen years ago my doctor told me I had reached that particular cliff.

In my case, the dna is rather obvious. I’m a foodie and struggle with food addiction, eating either the wrong stuff or simply too much, even of the good stuff and it affects my body chemistry as it does everyone whether or not diabetes is the issue.

Science, doctors and other medical professionals -and indeed spiritual, Christian pastors, counsellors and coaches have all come up with a long list of solid or un-verified reasons why people develop it. There is also a wide range of approaches to how people can overcome or certainly change quality of their lives via everything from education to exercise to medications, abstinence from certain foods or over indulgence, prayer, study and application of The Bible, 12 Step Recovery work and on it goes.

Put slightly another way, not everyone (nor those who believe in them or try various methods) is in full and complete agreement about how this or that individual contracted the disease. There seems even more variance and often disagreement with regard to viable, actual cures or at least how living a more stable, healthy life in light of a diagnosis of diabetes might move past the insulin and pancreatic issues.

With me so far?

You may partly or fully disagree with me on what I’m about to say, but here it is:

Whether or not dna, sin, taking actual responsibility or fully neglecting/rejecting all or partial responsibility for your (in my case, my) attitude, with due and accepted respect for emotional mood-swings and biological, diagnosed diseases (autism, bi-polar, clinical depression, etc., etc.) there are some folks who seem pretty well consistently:






I do NOT mean they always wish to be thus, simply that I’ve known so many people whose general modus operandi is rather laced with the above list.

Whether inherited, chosen with regard to their choices or via actual or imagined abuse/abuses, genuine traumas they experience in life or a mixture of these, diabetes and the attitudes and general day-to-day life of such folks mean they bear crosses some do not.

Some reading may well think “Yeah, and such people are crosses in my life…” and I also get that!

Have you considered that they beat themselves up constantly far beyond any misery we get out of being around them?

I am not saying stay put with violent, physical abuse people, not in the least!

Truth is that quick and often ignorant as well as harsh diagnoses (I mean, by we non-medical peeps) as to a person’s nature/character and even whether we want to be anywhere near them are often wrong, biased and if nothing else, unloving and non-gracious on our part.

I have often found myself wanting to escape from being near such folks -and am sure some of them have done their best to avoid me -because of any number of character issues they believe (and may be correct in judging) about my life!! Read that again and ask yourself if you fit in either or perhaps both of these categories…

I could have spent the rest of my days denying God, blaming Him, my parents and any number of other people for my condition. My conditionS. My willingness or unwillingness to change, to adjust best as I can grasp, move to the positive in this or any number of areas in my own life.

Exercise and low-carb -when I apply them rightly- have kept me from needing any medication at all -but there are a great many folks that do not get the same results as I have. Your mileage may vary and often does.

I believe in the devil, demons, old-nature/the “flesh”, “the Fall” and sin. I also believe in the wisdom of science, doctors and medicine. Anyone (spiritually or biologically) can mis-diagnose the problem and/or appropriate treatment. Anyone at any time. We’ve all done it! Yet we live on a planet with hurting people and yes, they often hurt others because relationships or even in the workplace or a church, wherever we go there we are.

Regardless, I don’t want to be the person who continually and with contempt judges ANYBODY with regard to their weight, diet, consumption of cake and ice cream or anything else!! Empathy and sense requires me to be kind. Jesus commands me to “Love [my] neighbor as [myself]” regardless of the source of their affliction -or if they sometimes afflict ME. Indeed.

Church, how are we doing with our diseases? Let me make it real simple: in Scripture, does Jesus hate and totally avoid sinners? Did he demand lepers merely repent to be healed? Thank God, it seems to me he laid down His life for th… errr… me and you.

I get the difference between sin and disease, and there is a difference. So… how are you doing with your “expert” diagnoses? I cannot claim to be an expert at anything.

I also think we all need to repent.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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