HOMELESS Freeze- Mt. 25

It’s cold in Chicago but about to drop FAR below zero fahrenheit. Grateful as I just saw a pic of yet another Cornerstone Community Outreach resident moving out and into his new apartment! Thinking about the many poor folks, mentally ill, veterans and such out in the streets. I’ve a number of prison dates on my calendar now, more coming.

Who do you consider “the least of these”? What are you actively doing to reflect God’s love toward them?

Here is a massively important text from Matthew 25 simplified by yours truly. Now THIS is scrawl-scratch on my part! I created these 3 a year or more ago and decided Jesus’ words might become visual- this is what came to me. Perhaps a bit more clarity for some who just don’t seem to get the realities He focuses on?

mt.25simplified_1  mt.25simplified_2  mt.25simplified_3

These aren’t nearly close to a major worry if one has plenty of loot. They are more an issue for middle or lower-class citizens. They are sometimes a literal matter of life and death for the very poor, marginalized, mentally ill, widows and orphans “in their affliction” as the scripture puts it.

That last insert above refers to the quality of legal representation anyone reading this would want for themselves or their loved ones -and finally, “safe, HUMANE jail or prison facilities, etc.” just in case my original note (to myself as I was about to speak to a group) isn’t clear enough to read.

Things to consider perhaps??!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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