Cultural Idolatry

This is directed to all and the Church in the world but specifically re. Americans who profess to love Jesus and others.

Before I mention more, a little update- I’ve been invited to participate in online radio, that I might offer a music and/music chat/talk show now and then or even weekly. At present I don’t believe that’s what I must do (family, 2 records and 2 books, jail and prison visits and other show/services on my schedule!) but there may be a day I say “Yes, let’s go for it” and if so, I’ll let you know.

There are of course many ways one can do online “broadcasting”, live, vid-casts, audio (podcasts) and the like. Again, at the moment I don’t think that’s a priority for me- but here is a podcast I believe important enough to publicize. I rarely have used podcasts as a communication avenue, but here is one. It runs appx. 13 1/2 minutes.

The specific podcast is titled “Culture or Christ” but it often truly does boil down to cultural idolatry if we are willing to face that reality.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



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