Mid-Jan. 2019 Update

gkalaskacbgdogbroIn booking mode: Prison/Jail and recording dates, some of those are on my personal confirmed calendar and as per usual you can go to the Grrr Records Shows section (see below right on my blog here for links to that and my other related sites) or check here at glennkaiser.com where I always post ’em a month or so before the date. Book-editing going on for me (two of them actually) at the moment. I may facilitate a Christian Recovery meeting series. In process of finishing the ongoing record project, and just went through and further edited lyrics on the one I’ll begin immediately after tracking is done on the first one.

Inspired to build me a couple new d.i.y. 2 and 3 string slide guitars and perhaps a cigarbox uke whenever I can get time to do those.

Looking to get a day in the woods when there’s a bit of a weather break either this month yet or early February depending on Wendi’s needs and other scheduled stuff as per above.

So basically I’m just sittin’ around watching the parade 😉

Again, SUPER THANKS for prayers for Wendi and I, her knee replacement and now rehab progress are going SOOOOO well. Major pain that first month but she’s about to be able to do rehab in the pool starting this next week which she love and does amazing at. She’s walking so much better and little by little able to sleep and sleep in bed rather than recliner. Big breakthroughs, so grateful!

That’s all for now, and as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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