LOVE! 4th Sunday in Advent 2018


Merry Christmas to All!

WHEN THE WALLS FALL -glenn kaiser

There is life, for the lifeless
Though the world will take it’s toll
There is bread, for the hungry
That satisfies the soul

There is light, in the darkness
Calling all who roam
There’s a door, for the outcast
Where we’re welcomed home

When the walls fall
When our will to run and hide burns away
When the day breaks
We look down to face our fading feet of clay

There’s relief, for the hurting
Though the voices rise against it like thick smoke
There is love, for the loveless
Though so many trade it for a killing joke

There is a tomb
Standing empty of the corpse that once lay there
There is a choir
Countless angels and archangels fill the air

There is a Son
Who came to seek and save the captive locked in sin
There’s an embrace
You’ll never know until you choose to follow Him

[As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn]

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