Early December Update

20181126_104736Wendi goes in tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 27) early for knee replacement, myself her main nurse the next couple of months (pray for us both plz!) and of course physical rehab for several months.

Hope (if you’re in the U.S.) your Thanksgiving was as sweet as ours!

Knowing we’d be doing her knee opp. right after Thanksgiving we decided to get our Christmas decorations up the day after, so yahoo, earliest ever! These are but a little taste of ’em. 20181126_093534


My book project is moving along, the new solo blues project a bit on the back burner along with appearances until end of January re. my needing to help Wendi.

When I can I’ll update here and via my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I have a couple of blogs I’d written earlier in the past several months and can tweak them a bit and send ’em up when I have a spare moment. The real issue for me is sleep because in these times Wendi tends to need a lot of attention and neither of us gets much due to the pain she has to navigate.

Please know- we are both super grateful she can get relief on the other side of these operations as we’ve seen it re. the first three!

And here comes Advent! CHRISTmas! Yes! So we will enjoy Him and the holidays with family as she’s able.

I have a plan for 2019 involving more appearances within short driving distances of Illinois state prisons as I’m convinced I must do a lot more of those in this new year. I’ll put that post up later.

We’ve had our first serious snow (last night) and it’s quite beautiful outside at the moment 🙂20181126_104709

Many thanks for your prayers -and may you and yours know the peace of the Prince of Peace in this season!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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