THANKSGIVING 2018- St. Wendi

Yes, I indeed live with a saint.

At the time of this writing we’ve shared ups and downs, the highest heights and some of the lowest valleys of life together going on 47 years. We were both 19 years old when we married and are both 65 as I write.

Some of what I’m saying here will greatly relate to some of my readers, some not at all -and some will relate in your future. I put it out in love and testimony, for reflection and hopefully growth.

Wendi was sexually abused by her pastor grandfather, uncle (who became a pastor later) and pastor father. The first two (two-week episode) did this when she was very young, the second when in her teens.

As she came to saving faith in Jesus she forgave them and over the years only rarely has allowed the incredible pain and side-affects rob her, us, or others of her compassion, grace and servant heart of love.

Over a span of three years she (we) lost her incredible mother (Dawn- amazing Mom, Mom-in-law, friend, mentor, pastor, teacher, encourager, example) and father-in-law (Curt- see what I just said about her Mom!).

Wendi went from stages all over the world fronting (with me) Rez Band, recorded 16 records sharing love, grace, truth, deliverance into thousands of lives via song lyrics, after-show chats and prayers, countless interviews and articles as well as blog posts via now-defunct Cornerstone Magazine and online, teaching brilliant, honest biblical and practical seminars on relationships, dating and sexuality for years at the now defunct Cornerstone Festival. The woman is quite the theologian and more than scholar, example of her beliefs.

She has been and remains a giving, loving servant who can cook your shoes -and you will LOVE the flavor when she’s done!- creating memorable holidays and everyday meals, special occasion care, child-raising and baby-sitting for our family (several kids!) and grandchildren (a lot more kids!) time and again.

In our band years she traveled the world and hit the stage with rock ‘n roll passion and beauty like very few I’ve ever witnessed -and most nights doing so with little sleep due to itineraries.

During those years to the present she dealt with asthma and recurring muscle cramps, excruciating pain, vertebrae issues, a broken leg, and two high-risk pregnancies.

For the past twenty or so years she’s dealt with a form of crippling arthritis along with these other ailments and we are about to attend to her final major joint replacement, her having had both hips and one knee fully replaced due to extreme pain via arthritis, now comes her final full knee replacement.

Meanwhile she’s had to live with me through all of this…

For whatever love and grace and servanthood I can manage, the fact is that her main love language is Service. I’d be lying to say that’s mine, but I’m still learning and growing, hopefully, in these latter years of our journey towards heaven.

Now where did I read “By love serve one another”? I’m still working on this, believe me!

Here’s the deal:

Living with a gorgeous, loving woman of God with so much wisdom, so many talents and such a daily ready-to-help-and-nurture heart and practical service life is CONVICTING as well as stimulating to an often self-centered, sometimes complaining and on occasion deer-in-the-headlights-what-do-I-do-now?!! person… like me!

She has suffered (like many reading this and many who will in time) chronic pain like I’ve never thus far. She has done so with deep faith in a loving, gracious heavenly Father, an enduring trust in and love for the God Who IS Love, trusting in His compassion for her and family in a sinful, fallen, imperfect, pain-laced world.

Wendi is a constant reminder to me of what an authentic, loving, compassionate CHRIST-FOLLOWER can and should be.

Is it always easy, fun, a joy-ride living with such a saint?

Am I in every moment sufficient in expressing God’s love and practical help and grace to her in her needs?

Do we not share in the joys and beauties as well as deep disappointments and at times excruciating pains of this world sharing life together?

In order, sadly no and no -and gratefully YES. Thankfully yes 🙂

What… no WHO am I most thankful for this Thanksgiving (and always)?

-For Jesus Christ and the Very BEST gift He ever brought into my life: my Wendi.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


7 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING 2018- St. Wendi

  1. Beautiful lady to look to when my world is turned upside down. Like my little brother . And of course you Glenn for the time you have taken to email with me in the past Thank you with love. Ron

  2. Glenn
    My mate always refers to my wife as St. Sophie, he reckons she has to be a saint to stay married to me. I’m glad God brought saints like Wendi and Sophie into our lives to keep us on the straight and narrow. We are truly blessed and for that I am thankful.

  3. As one of the many who have seen you 2 together over the past 42-ish years, I have tasted and seen the goodness in your sweet marriage and I thank God for the strength, support, wisdom and love that He has supplied to us through you and Wen, time and time again. Love……

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