A Core “Christian”(!) Hypocrisy

One key argument I regularly hear is how professing Christians call others out on the basis of shirking responsibility -and by this absolve themselves of personal responsibility.
“They’re just reaping what they’ve sown” seems to equal “Don’t ask me to do anything to help them, it’s not my job.”
Uhhhhh, except Jesus says it is on several levels but hey, let’s find an exit while judging and blaming others for supposedly taking one?! This is not only painting a lot of “those people” with a wide brush, judging “according to the flesh” but worse, it’s hypocrisy wrapped in “christianese”, religious language that fully ignores a ton of Jesus’ Own Word about how we treat our neighbor, even our enemies.
Yeah I know, I’m an old school, Greek-based modernist so logic and binary thought processes count me out… see, you may have just done what I’m talking about.
That “None is righteous, not even one.” still fits us all. But for the grace and mercy of God… but for our trusting in Him and that grace and mercy, humbly receiving and SHARING these with others, we each often share in the very blame we cast.
Mercy is the need: for each of us! CHURCH: how are we doing in extending what we want to reap?
As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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