Chicago Cigarbox Guitar Festival 2018 Report

It was another extravaganza-cool event by my friend Brian Rogan and volunteers in a great venue. What a cast of players, builders and fans at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn, Illinois!

Great atmosphere, response of crowd at both stages and just general cool peeps as usual at these affairs. That night a bit of rain and some wind blew in on the streets but it was sure enough cookin’ inside!

Here are a few pics -and if you happen to be a Facebook friend you’ll find a live clip of my last couple songs of the night from Brian’s smartphone on my timeline. Or- via the Tube:

Finally meeting up with Stacy Puckett and yet another friend -major harp-ologist Jeff Stone who tore it up with new friend, brilliant bluesman Mississippi Gabe Carter, all of this was a real treat!

There’s talk of extending things next November including perhaps a cigarbox git building workshop and such… stay tuned 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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