Razing Arizona?

Ha, well, not exactly but it was quite a weekend of gigs in the Phoenix area. Cal. Chapel Surprise, Arizona was indeed that, kind pastor Brad and crew were wonderful and I didn’t expect quite the number of people to show up who did. Such a great night! Earlier, a couple of kind bros. took me to a tour of Alice Cooper’s The Rock teen center. VERY cool!

Major Thanks and kudos to my friend John Traynor who brought me out and made this entire weekend happen 🙂

Saturday night was like Friday only in Mesquite and again, kind, receptive folks came out, followed by a study I was able to bring Sunday morning at Calvary Chapel North. What a great pastor Jesse and team there!

Jason and Jenny (two sweet, talented musician friends of mine) treated me royally and did a great set Saturday night -as well as brought me joy with their cats and even a look at a hummer at their front of house feeder 🙂

SO glad to be home w. my Wendi!

Next up and perhaps last (except for Cook Co. Jail gigs prior to Wendi’s post-Thanksgiving knee replacement) for this year is Berwyn for me solo at the Chicago Cigarbox Guitar Festival. You can find details on that in a recent post here on my site.

Ok -autumn rocks and I’m enjoying it as I hope you are!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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