Pics, Links, Amazing Weekend Gigs!

Dunlap, Illinois (about 10 mins. from Peoria) Fri. night songwriter’s gathering was a treat! Jimmy and staff at Rock Solid Studio put on One Accord which was truly fun, heard 2 artists bring songs for evaluation and a lot of good input and grace. I was quite encouraged by the turnout and kind responses to my chat, especially enjoyed the question-and-answer time. Here is the entire speaking segment- Loooong speaking (audio from the evening) most of which (30mins. in) q. and a., the Topic- Christian songwriting SongShare1 This will be an ongoing gathering for songwriters wanting to hone their craft. OneAccordGathering SongShare2

So here inthe mail Saturday morning -my longtime friend, the talented, imaginative cigarbox guitar phenom Shane Speal (see him via CBGitty.Com also), founder of CigarBoxNation.Com) surprised me with his new book!ShanesBook

I mean what a cool read and I’ve only just skimmed the pics and some of the details and historic writ… a fascinating read and fully loaded with “how to” details about building cigarbox (and other) guitars. This would make a cool Christmas gift for someone (and perhaps yourself)!

Ok, my sweet Wendi will have her last (already did both hips and one knee) knee replacement surgery November 27 -many thanks for prayers for that, as her arthritis has been quite painful and this will go a long way for her to have better quality of life, even joining me more and more as I begin touring again next year.

I’ll do what I can on a current solo blues project and book, and we’ll see what we get done prior to Christmas beside my care-giving to my Queen in this season and into winter.

The Uptown (Chicago) Church Grand Opening and Fall Festival gig on Sunday (including GKB set) was a blast as well! Pastor Jeremy and crew worked so hard, were so kind, it was such a fun day-



So many people, great food, fun, family-friendly and as I have often said, I LOVE playing outdoor shows. 2thirdsOfGKB The weather was absolutely perfect! BounceHouse


And I finished the afternoon off there doing a short dance with my little grand daughter and a sweet birthday time with her brother… Wow!

Now on to my solo weekend in Phoenix, Arizona and then the Chicago Cigarbox Guitar Festival (details on both elsewhere in my site here). All good 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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