Wisconsin Tour Report

20181008_123021Another sweet weekend in the books -this time my Wendi was able to come, even did a REZ unplugged song together on two nights!FoxRiverAtRiversideCoffeeCompany

Berlin, Waupaca and Appleton not only were kind and gracious to us re. the shows and service on the Sunday morning, but I can brag on Benjamin, Bob and Tommy and staffs in each spot, all were/are gems to us. Once again we met old friends and I believe made new ones.

Jamming again with guitar shredding buddy Rex Carroll is always a treat- he never fails to cook solos as well as chats which equally make me smile.

So next up for me is a songwriter’s gathering this coming Friday near Peoria/Chillicothe, Illinois. You can look for the Oct/Nov tour schedule here in one of my earlier posts for that info..

Often it truly is the little things that bring me joy, stuff like soft rain on the river and great coffee in Berlin at Riverside Coffee Company, a rather hip men’s room MensRoomRadiantFellowshipWaupaca

20181007_115820 (and sign above the sink) in Waupaca at Radiant Fellowship, a sweet pic a friend took of Wendi and I doing “Right On Time” at Rescue Shop Biker Church and even a fallen Fall leaf that stuck itself to our car side mirror there in Appleton.

Enjoy Autumn my friends, and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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