Final GK Alaska Tour Report



Once again I’m astounded at so very many kind people- hosts, promoters, chaplains and the response of the folks I was in front of in each location.

For two weeks I rode 8 planes to several different places, stayed in a number of super kind peeps’ homes and did 2 Bible colleges, 3 prisons 4 churches, a cigarbox guitar workshop and several concerts and gatherings in places -along with a couple of radio interviews.

I worked, slept when I was able, got rained in for two extra days before I could fly home but all-in-all this was a special time with several old friends and many new ones.

BIG Thanks to all, especially my longtime friend pastor Marc Murchison (Mountain Village, AK) and the several Ev. Covenant pastors (Ben, Rick, Adam) bros and sisters as well as Chaplain J.D. Duncan at Alaska DOC -these and many more were just amazingly gracious toward me in every possible way right through my journey.

My Native Alaskan friends and a huge number of incarcerated folks touched my heart. In fact at one prison set where women were also present for the concert (a first for me) several broke into tears during part of my sharing and music. Several of the men did also… and then so did I. This is a rare thing for me but I can tell you being so deeply moved is in my own life, always powerful, always a God-embrace.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged, helped, prayed, transported, fed and put me up/put up with me:)

Here are a small number of pics I took during the trip. If you look through my blog other photos I took are posted as well, a few also in my Twiter and Facebook accounts of my time North.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



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