PersevereAssociated terms like “endurance”, “patience”, “faith” and such come to mind when I think of the term in the header of this post.

Walk with the Lord for any length of time, heck, do anything in any group for any length of time and you’ll see people shift commitment from X to Y or Z and so on. Typical. Lots of reasons for this, not all wrong, bad or soul-destroying.

Yet as I flew in from an Alaskan tour I thought about Native Alaskan people and the temptations and struggle to survive in difficult, sometimes hostile environment/s as well as people I met in prisons on the trip who might… “might” I say… survive and even flourish.

Persevering in doing the laundry today (:) I took a break in our side yard garden here in Chicago’s inner city. It’s not only homeless and other folks who work at this, it’s even seen in delicate little creatures like you see here.

In a world and even churches that bring us into harsh and seemingly impossible-to-deal-with situations perseverance in seeking Jesus, in following Him when others go another direction, in the crucible of sacrifices you thought you’d never be faced with… simply “keeping on keeping on” in the grace and power of relationship with God the Holy Spirit is the foundation, the Rock that keeps our heads “above the water”. Of course there are other options.

We can “curse God and die”, we can turn back “like a dog to it’s vomit”, or simply self-medicate with this or that.

Trust me, in my own life there have been many such (likely more before I’m home) crossroads.

And then when you may least expect it, a bit of encouragement shows up.


Sure, anyone can isolate. It’s one of the anchors of addiction. If you think about it, being in the service of your addiction means the only non-isolation that’s dependable are others who share the same death-wish. Well the opposite is also true.

By grace and surrender I found people who are serious about flourishing spiritually, not merely surviving. Of course one must do the latter or the former isn’t possible.

Like these little creatures of God, I learned where to find sustenance and therefore by His grace, His hand, alongside others of His people, I am determined to persevere.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” -Galatians 6.9

So now I gotta go finish the laundry 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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