Brief Alaska Update

20180914_131624Well, I have a short bit of writ nearly ready but soooo many pictures… and still not able to fly to Anchorage due to the weather yet, so may be here another couple days. When I get back home to Wendi, family and Chicago I’ll post details of the tour and a -lot- of pictures. It has been such an amazing tour for me, I’ll tell you that!20180919_180906

Such sweet people, receptive, continually thanking me for coming up and both old and new friends right through the journey. 20180920_200202

Ok, so today I had moose ribs for lunch, Yukon River salmon and ptarmigan (a dark meat game bird) for supper! You can tell life is difficult waiting for the weather to clear so the little plane can get me to a 2nd airport, then from there to Anchorage, then to Chicago. Man, can Marc Murchison cook!!


So here’s a few pics, a ton more on this trip later -oh, and I’ll also post all my October tour details, hopefully tomorrow unless I’m able to fly home. If that happens I’ll post the Oct. dates very soon after.


As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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