Modesto, CA Weekend Report



Another rippin’ sweet weekend, this time including visits from old friends, and I think making some new ones in Californias’ Central Valley area of Modesto.

BIG Thanks to Gary (aka Joker) and Richard for the hard work and warm hospitality!

Both sets of musicians who backed me and jammed with me on the Friday and Saturday were truly good and that was a joy for me and I suspect for the audience in both spots.


Dave and crew at Cal. Chap. Modesto were super kind, I was frankly a bit amazed at the turnout which was quite good imho. The response was encouraging indeed.

On the Sun. a.m. service at Freewill Baptist (w. a cool visiting guest speaker) I was blessed to lead worship and the pastor, staff, congregation and guests were so sweet!

Sun. afternoon on their property included a great turnout of bikers and others, pulled pork, the Sonhouse Blues Band (YES!!) and… wait for it… Elvis! Now this happens to be the 2nd time in my life he opened for me (2 diff. Elvis impersonators) but hey! 🙂


For both sets Richard loaned me his amazing Gretsch guitar and I of course also used my badminton racket diddley bow w. pickup 🙂 Fun!

My set w. Sonhouse went very well as did theirs to open up the afternoon, and as the band jammed w. me I can say it was real-deal.

BFC MM Modesto and a lot of other clubs supported very well and raised a good load of money for Shower Shuttle (please see, a truly great and needed service for homeless and poor folks, some living in their cars and needing a sanitary place to clean up. They also provide fresh undies and socks, and a bit of dignity and love from those on staff doing the serving. SO good to be able to help raise funds for their several shower busses and a washer/dryer bus to help the friends without an address in the area!



Now for a few days home w. my Wendi and family, then 11 day tour in Alaska. Quite a kickoff to autumn for me!

Hope to see some of you on tour, and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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