9/11 Thoughts in 2018

GKB had just flown home to Chicago the day before after doing shows in Colorado. I figured I’d sleep in and did until Wendi woke me up to see the live tv reports.

I was watching and realized immediately what I was seeing as the second plane flew into the Trade Towers in NYC. For me and many of us this was a day of deep sadness, shock, horror and realizing something that many Americans still just do not or will not understand: we are hated for reasons both demonic/wrong/sick/jealous and such, but also for our power and often control as well as perceived (sometimes correctly) injustices done in the name of “American interest$” around the world.

If you cannot or will not read further due to what I’ve just written here, I of course cannot persuade you to consider that a great much of the world has long been both recipients of the kind-hearted, good and even sacrificial sharing of Americans (both Christian and not) right through our history -but also has been directly and adversely affected by our power, military might and either spending (selfish stewardship) or cutting off such re. “the least of these” (see Mt. 25).

Indeed, Islamic extremists and other religious extremists, despots, dictators and yeah (“they’re WORSE than we are Glenn”) corruption, horrible leaders, cells and otherwise demonized monsters are on the loose world-wide. The often ignorant and flat wrong overlooking of our own largely corporate and political leaders who themselves are involved in deploying our power and the push to demand all tribes, nations and at-risk peoples simply accept our way as THE way they must think, act and do biz with “or else” is in my and plenty of others’ views, at very least a part of why insane and violent people do insane and violent deeds. None of this means they are not guilty. None of this means we are not guilty.

“Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.” A matter of fact according to The Word of God.

“Love your enemies.” One of Jesus’ commands to his followers.

I fully applaud and deeply thank all U.S. first responders, fire and EMT personnel, yes, our law enforcement officers and indeed military who gave their all prior to, during and since the sick, demonic 9/11 attacks! Too many of them died, too many of their families remember this day with sick, empty hearts due to their losses! Like many of you I pray for comfort and grace for all who lost loved ones in each of those disgusting moments in each location that day.

I equally pray that those calling ourselves Christ followers learn to forgive, learn to face up to the sins in our own lives, churches and indeed nation… and to understand faith, hope, love, the fruit of the Holy Spirit (see Galatians 5) the very love of God (see 1 Corinthians 13) and at core John 3.16 and 17 are THE issues now and always. What about our own heart attitude and actual treatment of “our enemies” whom Jesus Christ commands us to love because we “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”?

Today I remembered one of my all-time favorite songs with regard to a festival we curated many years ago. It all starts with me, you, us as individuals. Then the next issue after surrendering to God is how we think of and treat “the least of these”, yes, our enemies -in the process of seeking to live lives that reflect Jesus as opposed to vengeance and hatred which were in the very guts of those who sought to destroy us on that day of evil.

When we finally follow Jesus and learn to love others, when we rightly and truly surrender to Him it’s anything but a surrendering to our worst enemy: us.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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