Sept. 5, 2018 Update

GKgrrrCBGpicSo tomorrow I fly to Sacramento, Cali. and then off to Modesto for a couple dates, home to Chicago for 3 days (one a very special date for Wendi and I if the weather holds and she’s feeling up to it) and then to Alaska to tour for 11 days.

More work done and will be done over these tours toward my book- an extremely tiny portion of my life but truly the most important time in my life.

Today I did a live radio interview (English w. Spanish translation) for a Honduras radio station including questions listeners sent in from all over the world about REZ Band, GKB and my solo blues work. I’ll post the web address when I get it and they’re ready to put the interview up for the planet.

Wendi’s been battling leg cramps again, super painful. We have a Dr. appointment to discuss scheduling her final knee replacement surgery. Hopefully that can happen in November or so. Prayers please and thank you!

There has been some discussion at Grrr Records about a new T shirt design, and perhaps GKB recording in autumn/winter including some REZ material being re-done as we do several of those songs in most GKB shows.

As I’ve mentioned along and along, I’ll be working to finish up my new solo blues project this winter hopefully to be released sometime in the Spring.

Oh, and I got the garbage and recyclables out, the laundry done, and our plants watered today 🙂 Yep. One day at a time.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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