Labor Day 1 String Slider :)

Christmas Tin Diddley Bow

Well it does make me smile. This is the sort of thing that is theraputic for me. Then again so is an amazing roast supper Wendi’s cooking in the kitchen… but I digress.

A friend passed this along with a few other cigar boxes and what many would call “ugly Christmas tins” emptied of their cookies, etc. -or of course, some would say “CUTE!!!”

Side View

Either way I decided frosty needed to be up against my belly and the back became the front as you can see.

Solar Plexus Drywall Screw

Forever looking for low-end (using an acoustic wound .-053 guitar string) and also seeking to construct a quick tutorial about how really simple one can build one of these little 1 string “diddley bow” slide guitars, and in that I had the perfect bit of hardwood for a neck plus the box is quite thin… flying gigs… yep, here she is!

You can see how I was nearly able to use the lip of the tin as the bridge (what the string crosses over to head up toward the nut… and here there is no proper nut (though that’s how I often build 1 stringers) because I use an actual nut (same term, diff. meaning) up against the bottom of the eye on the eyebolt to guide the string high enough that when I play I won’t be pushing the string down onto the front edge of the box. That’s a good tip there…

Also notice the utter simplicity of threading the string through it’s own little brass “string nut” which are at the base of all steel guitar strings. I just wrapped it around the hardwood neck and over the top she goes.

Then just using a wingnut and drilling a tight hole for the “tuner” I’m all set.

She’s very light and measures just under 21 3/4 inches tip-to-tip, the box being 7 1/4 inches long x 5 1/4 wide x 1 1/2 inches thick. Easy to carry on a plane. I have a piezo pickup and 1/4 inch jack which I’ll likely mount in it later.

Oh- this box was made in Hong Kong and I left the sticker on to prove it 🙂

So there you go, Christmas tins can be upcycled to cool blues machines y’all!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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