Can’t help it when inspiration hits -and I’m forever messing around with little slide guitar building ideas, in particular something that I can play live shows with and yet fly w/o paying excess baggage fees.

So based somewhat on a Shetland gue (ancient bowed 2 stringer) I created this 3 string slide guitar with a foil pickup from CB Gitty. Super light and crankin’ through an amp. Strings are (low to high) .052, .032 and .025 tuned to an open chord, that being E (low to high) E  B  E.

Tip to tip she measures 18 3/4 inches

The scale bridge to tuners is 16 1/4 inches

What’s also cool is I can play it upright as per normal guitar or in my lap as a lap steel. Three strings are plenty for the blues! Heck, one string for that matter…

Now THIS I’m certain I can fly at no extra cost 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



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