Love or Propaganda?

In one of my morning devos a couple days ago this verse jumped out:

“Be kind and helpful to one another, tender-hearted [compassionate, understanding], forgiving one another [readily and freely], just as God in Christ also forgave you.” -Paul in his letter to the Ephesian church, Eph. 4.32 (AMP)

Simply, convicting-ly, I ask myself what I think the Holy Spirit asks us all who claim to love and follow Jesus- is this really my heart toward others or not?!

I think in our times this is surely one certain scriptural benchmark of Christ-likeness in His true disciples.

Such attitude of heart is quite the opposite of what is served up as “truth” via cheap, empty and immature, quasi-spiritual propagandists.

When “control” and “the win” is more important than loving our neighbor we’ve already broken fully half of the actual commands of Jesus Christ.

Help us Lord!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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