Tennesee Music Box

Kudos to several counties in Tennesee!

Yep, a kind friend (Pat!) in Peoria reminded me of an instrument I’d read about some years ago. Though I’ve owned and used dulcimers (have a 6 string dulcimer now) for years, even back in Resurrection Band’s first album on Irish Garden, the TMB is actually a variation or even a simpler backwoods/simple music-maker that I think has perhaps even greater potential re. core tone. Why?

The standard build consists of a much larger body, therefore cavity, therefore tonal fullness, at least in theory. My research and study found a lot of people talking about the richness and depth of tone quite often regardless of kind of wood, thickness of the sides and top, neck/fretboard and such.


So on our brief (for myself and Wendi due to gigs) vacation this next week, besides hanging out and playing with family and grandkids, I’m planning on taking all the elements to build one along -and also creating a variation, a bit smaller in size to make it suitable for flying.

I also plan to install a decent quality pickup and likely won’t bother w. the little frets or using a “noter”, so either a 3 or 4 stringer slide-only for me. I can easily mark spots to finger the first string in-between where the frets would normally be placed, so could still play it as a fretless TMB if I’m in the mood. The copper 3 way plumber’s connector I often use or even an empty hot sauce bottle will work perfectly for a slide.

You can learn a lot about Tennesee Music Boxes online, and here are just a few of the sites I found very interesting on the subject.




If you head to http://www.cigarboxnation.com and type in Tennesee Music Box in the search area you can find the TMB pic I posted here above as well as some chatter about building one.

Can ya play blues on one of these? Absolutely NO Problem… errr… well blues does deal w. problems -but you get my drift.

So this is part of what I plan to do on my summer vacation 🙂 !

Hope you’re enjoying your summer and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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