Oddball Outsiders

I’d normally post this in my http://www.gkarts.wordpress.com site but think this may call for a wider read.

Art, artists and heart? So many reasons to go there for me!

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The title of this post is the phrase a good friend used in a description of a film he hosted. As a longtime members of the intentional JPUSA community in which he and I have lived most of our lives he used that phrase to describe the plot re. our shared community experience. It fits!

As I allude, there are LOTS of reasons to consider, enjoy and affirm art and artists, especially when they produce work where passion (theirs and ours) is popping out, stirring, perhaps moving our hearts toward others.

I’d say one core reason of mine and many (though they/you may not always be conscious of it) is that often, artists are indeed “characters”, yep, “oddball outsiders”. Why would anybody celebrate that?!

Because we’ve all experienced it.

We’ve all been the proverbial “bull in the china shop”, experienced “Do I belong, might I fit, be accepted here amongst these people?” True?

Not “whatever” and anything is cool, but rather “Hey, you’re ACCEPTED” and truly valued even when all involved are not fully on “the same page”.

Artists are rarely penguins all wearing the exact same suit.

They not always but often stand out in a crowd unless it’s… well… a crowd of other characters. This is why “tribes” among non-native as well as native people link and stay linked up when they can. This planet is an all-too-often rock of harsh judgement for “oddballs and outsiders” and when you finally land someplace where people celebrate your uniqueness (and in other ways they are also unique but nobody excludes them/you/me because of differences), well I find that trait quite common among artistic, creative people.

In larger culture such oddballs are often rejected, even publicly vilified due to their “abnormal” dress, music, etc..

When you find and link up with people who share this common sense of “oddball/outsider” stuff you’ve likely found a place to actually live and not merely exist.

Friends rather than mere acquaintances.

That’s been true of me and my friends for years.

The mature trick -and I’d say part of God’s call to professing Christ followers is to take that attitude towards others who are considered societies’ “oddballs and outsiders”, to extend it toward those who are outsiders to YOUR particular comfort group.

You don’t have to agree with everything someone thinks, says and does to invite someone to the table, to show them care if not actual love and service. Jesus did and does it all the time. He did it and does it with you and me. Is He and His example not the primary one for us re. those we come into contact with?

If you’re unwilling to be kind, to offer core respect for them, they’ll pick up on that too.

Something to think about as we journey along the path…

As always, thanks fo r stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Oddball Outsiders

  1. So true….the Love of Christ doesn’t ask questions regarding personal opinions or points of view, it bypasses all of that trivial stuff and loves people regardless of whatever trend or political party one cherishes…God loves His creation….period. It is up to us to convey that message and that message alone…God will take care of the rest, we are NOT the Holy Spirit but ambassadors of Christ loving those around us despite whether we agree with them or not.

    1. Thanks David, yes, so it seems to me. But of course there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. There is a time to confront dealing w. the issues. Micah 6.8 and of course Mt. 25, the entire Book of Amos and a great deal more deals with God’s view of justice, James re. our treatment of widows and orphans, on and on throughout Scritpture. The sad core issue is we often jump in and rock on issues of importance to US but often don’t see the need or wish to sacrifice for a neighbor we consider unworthy of -us- and our kindness… sigh. -Glenn

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