Audio Feed Fest Report

Well it only took 28 years of Cornerstone Festivals and appx. 5 of AFeed for me to finally experience a fest camping in a little tent on site right through!

No a.c., trailer or hotel. I loved camping as a kid and love the woods to this day -regardless of weather. But hey, sweet folks, kickin’ bands and a great time even though mega-hot, storms and then we had perfect weather with beautiful sun, bit of cloud and cool breeze blowing! So good!

This year when AF had me doing 3 diff. music sets and due to heat and her knee replacement rehab knowing Wendi would not be coming I camped as well as hung out w. amazing peeps indeed.

Ben and folks at Asylum tent and all the staff were so kind, really gifts to me and all there! It really is a “welcome home” for us. BIG kudos to Jim, Jen, Luke and the AF crew, all the volunteers serving around the grounds, the techs at the stages I and GKB played -and my friend Harry Gore for a sweet chat and good rockin’ time Sat. busking!

There are a load of video clips online as well… and of course the joy of hanging out a bit with many old Cornerstone Festival friends, meeting lots of new folks and seeing some artists for the first time that blew me away… all very cool.

So many great bands, solo artists, speakers, family/kids and film events, worship. Next year, if you’ve not attended or have not in a while you really should consider making it in 2019.

So here you see a very few of my pics from Audio Feed 2018.

As always thanks for stopping by my site here, hope you’re enjoying your summer! -Glenn

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