Michigan Cookin’, AudioFeed Fest Next

20180629_204310The blues was happenin’, the brats were excellent, the people showed up and the crew and backing musos truly cool!20180630_18545020180630_18545820180630_18550120180630_185507

What can I say, Up and Out, Kevin Rigg and crew were a delight to get to know and work with, big thanks to all who came out. The same re. Sun. a.m., got out the cigarbox git for a few tunes and heard a great message about suffering and actual benefits -no sham, no jive, no games. Very good indeed.

Wendi was able to make it and we had a marvelous hostess (Thank you sweet Marti!) on the actual Eastern shore of Lake Michigan -what a view!20180629_212053

My weapons for the show were:20180630_185356

Ok, next, GKB does a set, I do a few of ’em at Audiofeed Festival. You can check details in an earlier post here.

Busy but very fun week ahead w. old and new friends:)

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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