End of California Tour -Update

CaliPalmsYesterday I finished a truly sweet tour in Southern California. Over the last week I also got very close to finishing what I can do apart from other editing help on my book, including a load of amazing pics that fully fit the concept.


The last two outings in Cali were the West Coast Biker’s Blowout at Rushing Wind Church, Oceanside -always a pleasure doing music with Full Throttle Band, longtime friends Pastor Z and Eric Turner and a new friend, Eric who nailed the drummin’ duties…FullThrottle just a treat! They did a slew of water baptisms,BFCBaptism had the tacos going, the coffee was good and fellowship truly good with a number of old friends, and I think we made some new ones 🙂

Bluesman and friend Johnny Onion Mannion came up from San Diego with his wife and one of my friend Shannon Coberly’s great guitar builds… Eric Turner kindly provided a Marshall stack and Johnny as usual, cranked on several tunes. SO nice.

Eric is just a kind, mega-talent as always! A fun day. Oh, I brought my new cigarbox git out (thanks SO much Jack, what a surprise that was to me!) on a few tunes, both solo and during a couple GKB songs with the band.


Then it was up to Bellflower where I was hosted by another BFC chapter (I love it, his patch says “Bro.Ken”… get it?!) and his kind wife. Their biker church pastor asked me to do the music Sunday a.m, so I did, totally on the c.b. git, and I must say everyone was super gracious.

Ok, next up is Mears, Michigan Blues and Brats, an outdoor show near the Dunes and close to Lake Michigan, then the Sun. a.m. doing a few tunes during the service.

The following week it’s Audio Feed Festival in Urbana, Illinois, looking very forward to a ton of old friends and doing a lot of diff. music as well as of course, a solo blues set -and- a GKB blues/rock set, all this during the July 4th holidays.

Have a look, you can find my July Shows update here on my site with all details.

Enjoy the pics and huge thanks for your many prayers and kind words -and as always, thanks for stopping by!



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