Sweet Night in Cali!

Ron, Lyle and crew at the Upper Room coffeehouse were just a treat for me, pro. room, sound, right through, and just kind folks! Bill Batstone 20180616_195516 brought an amazing set, then he and a gifted local guitarist named Eric hopped up and joined me to close out my blues set w. Crossroads and If I Leave This Word Tomorrow. SO cool!

Packed house, 20180616_201126 very kind reception and so many great chats w. peeps after show, it was quite the night.

And today (Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!) enjoying some Word Cup Soccer action, a nap and great hang time w. Ron and his family. Blessed!

I look forward to working on my book the next several days, then 2 shows on the weekend, then home to my Wendi and family followed by the Mears Michigan date the next weekend.

Hope my friends in the Midwest are staying cool in the heatwave.

For now, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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