Early June 2018 Thoughts

Summer is… well it’s cold in Chicago, but sunny today and no rain so 🙂

Excellent time w. Wendi playing w. grand-daughter today, enjoying flowers in the garden, chats w. friends from England and tonight I might just make a two-way short stick sorta bass thingy w. one string on each side and a pickup. Fun, easy to fly with. Crazy but hey?!

Meanwhile looking forward to upcoming shows in Mission Viejo, Torrance and Oceanside, California in a bit under 2 weeks.

This past weekend (Sunday and Monday actually) the Uptown Church picnic at Lake Michigan lakefront was a SWEET time. Took my new (BLESS you Jack!!) 3 string cigarbox guitar out and did a couple short sets. And that day the weather was as good as the watermelon! Took my new git to Cook County Jail last night. Chats with the bros. there was so encouraging… just so good!!

The simple but profound stuff always gets me. Last night in context of listening to God someone put it this way: “Which is more important, for us to listen to God or for Him to listen to us?” BOOM! In our time so many (myself included) call Him to listen to our words but aren’t always paying much attention to His words. Yow.

So I hope your summer, graduations and life is filled with love and grace. If not, I can sure enough point you to Someone who can help you with that.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Early June 2018 Thoughts

  1. Hey Glenn,
    Probably not related to this particular; blog, however, I was just listening to the album You Made the Difference In Me. I enjoy this album a bunch,any plans on doing that type of vibe musically again? Did you ever tour with this album? There is something very soulful, thought reflecting, and a calming, reality on faith and life. Thanks for the music.

    Have a blessed day,

    1. Thanks Nathan, kind of you! I grew up listening to a fair bit of soul music and sang and played in soul/r&b as well as blues bands so that’s where that project came from. Sorry, no plans to do one like it again, but as it is/was part of my own experience and music style I at that time decided to do it. Part of the deal is of course, really good musicians who can do that style well, background singers, horns and all of that means a lot of work and it ain’t cheap… heh!! But thanks again. -Glenn

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