Newest in my Personal Cigarbox Guitar Stable!

Now I’m not out to promote envy or jealousy… but to say I was graciously blind-sided by a friend would truly be an understatement.Jack1

What you see above is one of many you can see over here:

Jack is an amazing cigarbox guitar luthier in the Aurora, Illinois area who recently handed me this amazing instrument. What can I say?!! Just over the moon by the kindness… and you’ll be hearing it in my live shows as well as via recordings.

Three string dog/cat dish resonator, piezo pickup under that as well as the 3 string cbg pickup in the neck position, pre-amp and killer acoustic as well as electric tone. Variable between the 2 pickups so dial-yer-sound! Maple neck, walnut fretboard, excellent frets and intonation… sweet played either fingerstyle or with metal or glass slide… a DREAM axe for this ol’ dude!!

So my Trimmed and Burnin’, Percolater and Pignose amps have found a new friend 🙂


And she sounds cool as she looks 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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