CigarBox Guitar Workshop Aurora

20180526_103313Another wow time w. Warehouse Church and a lot of long-time as well as new friends due to pastor Randy, Mike and the rest of the staff and as usual, GREAT fun w. the builders young and old!20180526_103306

It was truly wall-to-wall, nice and cool in their large basement workshop, the cigarbox guitar kits with pre-soldered pickups and jacks all laid out and ready to build with. I offered building tips, modification ideas, creative possibilities and later in the morning also a bit of cbg/blues history during the biscuits and gravy coffee break with a mini concert on my GrrrRecords box (and a diddley bow I’d thrown together from a discarded spoon rack -ugy but cool)!

My friend and bro Cigarbox Skinny and new friend Dan came by with one of his “blues sticks…” sweet and sounded nice!20180526_103511

Another friend named Jack completely blew me out of the water at the end of the day. He brought some amazing gits he has built-


-and handed me one at the end of the day. Wow… anniversary gift early (Wendi and I are about to head out for 3 days… it’s our 46th anni. June 1!). But really, I was so surprised… wow. I am truly done building 3 stringers for myself… but diddley bows are another matter, heh!

There were a lot of smiles and all the kits were used on Saturday -and big thanks to all who came out to make it a really special day.20180526_103348

So blessed w. Warehouse and all they do in the Fox Valley to spread love and yep, fun!

As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

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