Amazing Weekend!

Well, Sunday and today (Monday) in any case!

I was sad to miss the Uptown Church preview yesterday but all in my family said it was excellent and wall-to-wall packed… major kudos to all and GREAT to hear!

My youngest daughter Ami and fam did a quick birthday supper which I was able to get to just in time after my bike gig show… very cool indeed because I didn’t think I’d make it at first due to the schedule, weather and all… but so fun to hang out together.

So Sunday I had fine time w. biker friends in Channahon, IL at The Christian Brotherhood of Blood Brothers MM bike blessing. Blues players once again doing a great job on my tunes and songs we all know after working together a few times. The cold and rain came early, left the area in a hurry!

Sweet folks, some pretty Harley’s, and other bikes (one won at their rafffle!) great grillin’, fun blues set and good Word early and in the afternoon. So cool to be a part of it!

Today the rain truly poured on my way to Joliet Treatment and Detention Center so it was a slosh going down in between large semis and thick rain/fog conditions but I was so blessed by both the kind service of the officers as well as the response and interaction with the residents for my near-two hour solo set.

The Joliet Treatment Center serves as a multi-disciplinary treatment facility for convicted adult male felons with severe mental illness. It’s also multi- (including maximum) security.

Two full but very good days indeed.

Don’t recall if I’d mentioned this in my blog prior but I’ve some 45 appearances  between now and late October, have others looking for confirmation and will likely do several around Christmas. Prayers appreciated!

So very glad to be home on this rainy night,with my Wendi. Gonna read and zzzz early perhaps!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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