Jesus tells us He is the way the TRUTH and the life
John tells us grace and TRUTH came via Jesus Christ
Paul tells us the church is the pillar and ground of the TRUTH
Jesus calls the third Person of the godhead/Trinity the Spirit of TRUTH

Jesus in John 17 prays for His followers including in that conversation with God the Father: “Set them apart from the rest of the world by the TRUTH. Your word IS TRUTH”. I say well spoken by my Lord and Savior Who is TRUTH INCARNATE now and forever.

For years when asked for an autograph I have on occasion included an obscure verse that means a great deal to me, that being 2 Corinthians 13.8- “For we can do nothing against the TRUTH, but only for the TRUTH.”

Jesus in speaking -to religious leaders- in his earthly ministry calls them out as “Snakes and sons of snakes”, and worse, in some places stating they belong to an actual personage, that is, the devil whom He calls “the father of lies”.

As individuals, groups, churched or un-churched, regardless of denomination or fully independent, highly traditional, liturgical or totally organic house church, when we don’t wrestle, bend and break to walk in Christ’s love related directly to “the Book of fools” (my take on plenty of people’s judgment on The Bible and Christ-followers commitment to it in our times) we hold our personal and sometimes shared views as canon. For more reasons than I can count, THIS is folly.

In the end, regardless of one’s exegetical or eisegetical approach, personal or shared “lens”, context, history and the many varied elements of deep study we may or may not employ:

I cannot and shall not pretend any of us has a better idea on how to live, die, think, speak, behave and indeed love than via the Person Whose Words and Book I quote above.

Had I not encountered Him there, when studying -in part, to “show [my]self approved, a workman before God rightly dividing the Word of truth”, and had I not continued to do so daily over my lifetime I’d have surely been dead via my addictions -as would have many who I influenced back in the day prior to my walking with Jesus Christ by faith.

Jesus told His disciples “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth”. Must. Truth isn’t mere option, nor simply emotion, personal wish, nor a desire-fulfillment plan. None of us has it all nor understands or lives truth perfectly… and yet… “must” isn’t a matter of “maybe” or “whatever you’re into… no problem”.

I have spent my life sorting through my own pains, doubts, and those of others including textual and other criticisms of The Bible and I have come to believe the real issue is not what Scripture brings to us but what we bring to it that opens our souls to deceptions which separate rather than connect us with the very God revealed within it.

-Glenn Kaiser
Chicago, May2018


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