“What do you do for deeper spiritual enrichment? Looking for ideas.”

A friend posted this in Facebook and what came to mind was “I don’t know if it matters for me to let folks know what I do or not because their ‘mileage may vary’.”

I don’t expect everyone to always think as I do or be inspired by what inspires me, but here’s the gist of my answer to the question:

Prayers- Right through each day a sort of continual conversation listening as well as speaking in faith to my Lord- Father/Son/Spirit. No matter where I am or when. Love sitting/walking in the garden or the woods and paying close attention to Him in the midst

Song- I don’t do it constantly but I sing to Him, sometimes singing simple prayers

Study- The Bible and a load of devotional authors too long to list -but A.W. Tozer, Fenelon, C.S. Lewis top my go-to’s these days

Daily devotionals via email and internet- From a long and broad list of writers but currently some six daily including a 12 Step devo

Nightly Devo- (so I guess that makes seven) Read and prayer time with my wife Wendi

Sunday, etc., services- In every sort of Christian service/local/denominational/house church/gathering you might imagine -I’m at home in so many places with so varied sorts of believers that it may seem freakish to some peeps -but it’s true because the Lord is present everywhere regardless

Complines- I don’t pray them nightly nor even weekly but in spurts -I enjoy Celtic prayers

Reading, listening, conversations- Beyond my daily devos, web studies and the like, digging through commentaries and the common stuff of study I really like hearing very old and more modern views as well as attending meetings to listen, reading articles on a vast variety of spiritual matters re. walking with Jesus, discipleship and missions and often just sitting with others over coffee whether “known” leaders, acquaintances or closer friends I find great wisdom and stirring thoughts regularly. I am truly inspired by many amazing, loving, kind friends/servants/ministers

Worship- This is massive because it’s so much more deep/wide than mere song or prayer but includes those, all the other things I’ve mentioned and also in simple tasks/service as well as verbal or song sharing as a way of serving others -worship of God is not disconnected but rather laced through my life in advocating and practical serving the poor whether poor in spirit or re. food, clothing, housing and/or incarceration

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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