This Git Was Made for Walkin’

Well, flyin’ or just travellin’ light!

Been thinking about trying a build like this for a while. Always have several ideas cookin’ and today after cleaning our grease trap (yes SIR) I decided to have a bit of fun and give this one a go. 20180409_200302

It’s a whooped-up idea, a quick rather than pristine build (mine for me are always that) and truly a prototype w. all sorts of mistakes and dings (like GK) but she sounds nice and if she’ll hold up I’ll add a few position markers (black screws on the side of the neck). She sports a pickup and 1/4 input jack so can be amped up too.20180409_200321

There are various ways of creating a folding neck cigarbox travel/backpacker guitar, but when it’s a slide it really becomes simple because of course the strings aren’t ever pressed down the neck, you don’t need frets. Plus if you only use 3, 2 or 1 string the tension isn’t a worry re. using a small door bolt. Note the bolt simply lays down even if it’s loose so she won’t open up when playing no matter what.

Loosen the strings, slide the bolt, toss it along with eyebolt “bridge”, slide/s and pick/s and a little tuner in a laptop bag or backpack and you gotcha a light, fun travel git!



The specs.:

– 22 inches open
– Just under 8 inch wide box

-3 1/2 inches thick at widest spot when folded

– 14 1/2 inches tip to tip folded

– 18 inch scale bridge-to-nut

– 3 string slide guitar w. pickup and jack added

– Strings: the low one is a D bass string, the middle and high strings are wound guitar strings of uncertain gauge but I’d guess a heavy A string middle and likely a wound G up top

Tuned (low to high): D  A  D

To play, just open it, slide the eyebolt in place under the strings, slide the door bolt shut on the back of the neck, tune stings, stretch and tune strings until they’re holding the notes and you’re ready to play.

As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn



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