Sportsman’s Expo Gig/s

Well, gigS because I helped ’em w. a cigarbox guitar building extravaganza, did a couple preview sets prior to Sat. night full show, and also helped get a slingshot building/indoor shooting contest going this year. The Ev. Cov. Church hosts this packed-out weekend annually, and this is I think my 2nd appearance at the Expo. Super cool family event with booths and seminars on a lot of outdoor activities re. fishing, hunting, bird-watching and the like.20180413_195801

They have seminars on raptors, game calling, this year had magnificent trained birds flying around the main high-roof sanctuary and to roost!

The thought struck me I could also build a cigarbox guitar on site  and finish it prior to Friday’s late afternoon opening. They always have me play a song or two on Fri. and Sat. to give people a taste of what the Sat. evening set will be like.

I brought an extra pickup, built a git right there so they could auction it off and use that money for some needy folks. It’s the pretty black one in the last photo below.

I’ve included a couple shots of the cb git building workshop (packed out, a LOT of guitars were build) and sorry but I forgot to shoot pics of the slingshot building and shooting competition but it was also wall-to-wall. Here’s one of the slingshot builds. Super fun!


If you get larger, strong rubber bands and double them up, and in our case using solid hardwood balls, they rocked those empty plastic bottles and targets nicely! And yes, adult-supervised, all shooters wore protective glasses.




So you get a slight sense of how well this event is attended each year in the other pic, and then you see all my arsenal for the Sat. night gig except for the sweet Taylor acoustic guitar and Fender Blues Jr. hotrodded amp the kind tech/guitarist provided for me to use.

I included a pencil for banging on the diddley bow (1 stringer), Altoids tin git w. pickup, the guitar I built for auction which I played, the smaller copper slide they provided, my 2-way (ring finger or lap-steel approach) copper slide, my wife’s cool embroidered strap I use, a Huang C harmonica, neck brace, my little Shaker harp mic, and one of my fave scents via my sweet Wend, that being Hearts and Daggers. Oh, and a plastic pic I made as well as 1/6 of an old credit card which is my main guitar pick. All important tools 🙂20180414_140230of the trade!

Toward the end of May I get to do the third Cigarbox Guitar workshop I’ve done at Warehouse Church in Aurora, IL, w. a short history/playing lesson. We will post details on that very soon.

I’ve also accepted for the second year in a row, a weeklong cbg building workshop where I will also bring a music set at Idyllwild Arts in California this June. Again, details will be posted soon.


As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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