The Certainty of Spring

As I type it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, 35f feeling like 34 at Chicago’s lakefront and wind at just 1mph with a bright sun -or it’d be quite cold here! Of course snow is in the forecast tonight as well as tomorrow and friends in western Illinois and elsewhere in the nation have been amazed at late snowstorms or snow at all at this point in April. Not me. I’ve lived long enough to see most everything.

For the record I indeed believe in global warming, but don’t waste your time with me on that 🙂

For those still living out a cold winter, for those metaphorically who will yet be experiencing it even in August (even in the northern hemisphere) due to any number of difficulties, pains of any and all sorts: seasons never last. Change will come, it always has, always will and will when this very world is “rolled up like a scroll” to use New Testament speak. Spring is coming.


Four seasons, not one. Transitions between them. Overlapping elements. Admittedly, this it not merely a matter of faith but life-experience. If we weren’t alive we wouldn’t feel any of it but neither would we experience genuine love.

Sometimes it may feel like (and truly be) you’re stuck in winter. Or the mud of spring, the heat of summer, the colder rainy/ice-stormy/wintry mix of autumn.

There are and shall be moments you think “Spring ain’t NEVER comin’!!!”.

I took a slow walk around our mostly not-super-obviously-living side yard garden today. In a fairly brief sweep I noticed five and more clumps of buds, bits of color here and there, and that without really searching much.


Poor little flowers and plants don’t read WeatherUnderground and maybe don’t know what may be hitting ’em in the next 48 hours.

(Even the most advanced methods and weather prognosticators get it wrong so I’m not surprised when I do)

And yet as long as this world spins and for eternity after, my faith and the One fueling it make it clear right through His Word and my own experience and that of millions of other Christ-followers: Spring Is Coming.

When I graduated high school I only knew of 3 people out of 1,600 students who at all professed to know and walk with Jesus, one of whom I never would have guessed that about. This is what she signed/quoted in my graduation yearbook:

Psalm 30.5b “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.”

She like many had begun to recognize my addictions, my self-focused mess and how Jesus had begun healing and changing me. I was surprised but really encouraged to see that verse for just as there’s no endless night there is no endless season of misery either.

Today I took my hot coffee, buttoned the sleeves and to the neck my corduroy shirt but I still wore shorts and sock-less Crocs around the garden path in the sun this afternoon.

With and by God and His grace I also wore a smile!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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