Good Friday Thoughts- 2018

all have sinned and fallen short
are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked
SO LOVED the world that He GAVE His one and only Son
“Our hands are covered blood red”  -Michael Been, The Call

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Thoughts- 2018

  1. I so love you and all that you have done for me for god. I went astray but have came back because of jesus coming to get me back. And i mean period.. Thank you for all you do for me ,us ,god. Putting it out there straight and not sugar coating like so many do. Have a wonderful blessed weeke nd Jesus HAS Risen
    Yeah. Ron

    1. Ron, I often sign emails His, yours, and I mean it… So kind of you write this and SO good for you to link solid with Jesus! His, yours, -Glenn

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