CCO Auctioned Git to Finland!

So here is a quick pic of the 3 string cigarbox guitar I built (took me long enough…!) -finishing as Wendi has healed up from knee replacement surgery and I’ve had time to finally get the final touches on it.

It’s going to the nation the U.N. recently listed as presently “the happiest country in the world”. I do like Finland a great deal, toured there several times over the years.

This was built far beyond my usual builds, auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter here in Chicago.

So she’s a 3 string slide guitar with an onboard pickup, and tuned to an open E (E, B, E). Sounds cool acoustically or plugged in. I am including some things not in the picture, but here you also see the 2-way (play upright or in your lap) copper slide which is a plumber’s T connector. I use one of these a lot when playing cigarbox guitars. Near it, you see one of my old credit-card “picks” 🙂 I slice them babies up and use them myself.

Dear Suomi… thank you for loving the U.S. in this way. Interesting that money is coming from you to help people in the U.S. who are homeless. Love and Thanks Leif!


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