Simplicity or Multitasking

20141023_100727Ok, there are MANY “I” statements in this blog not for the sake of my own self-therapy nor glorification but in the hope some of you might relate and personally benefit by what I’ll say here!

You may or may not be like me in this area- but as a noob in the faith of Jesus Christ I came across the verse “Let your moderation be known to all people” and would laugh about my lack thereof.

I mean, Americans the world over (like it or not) are known as generous, outspoken and often caring people… but not even close to moderate.

My own propensity is extremism and if you actually read my lyrics, writing, read or listen to interviews over the many years of my life you’ll likely see some emerging of at least a bit of moderation in how I assess people, events and issues. Proverbs 11.1 rings in my ears frequently.

A.W. Tozer who I quote and find myself more in agreement with than not, encouraged “Cultivate simplicity”.

I read an artist’s blog post today with in my view, an important summary statement:

“The more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes.” –Søren Kierkegaard

Many of you know I love simple 1 or 3 string cigarbox (or Altoid tin, etc.!) slide guitars. You may know Glenn Kaiser Band is a 3 piece blues/rock trio.

Most of my life I’ve enjoyed 3 piece (or less) bands, in electronica or other music modes even simple lap-top sets or 2 or 3 piece groups because it’s easier for me to comprehend and relate to fewer things going on at once.

You may also know my wife and I share one room, I have a small office space and live a very basic, rather financially spartan life -on purpose-. I continually shift my focus from listening to the whole over-all song, then each individual part and performance. So I shift my focus but find it far better to do so when I’m alone or with headphones. I really want to UNDERSTAND what I’m hearing. For me, reading to comprehend calls for the same tactic, the overview as well as the details, shifting back and forth but not in the exact same moment -if that makes sense to you?

I happen to love being in the woods with next to nothing and try really hard to only pack what I’ll actually NEED and USE whether touring overseas or on a trip into the forest. I find the focus of both thought and action of slowing down when exploring really helps me not get lost…

A few moments ago I read a few reports that seem to prove the futility and even problems for people’s physical brains as well as communications and social skills due to habits of multitasking.

I admit I’m old school (heh… modern version oldskool) and find great comfort in the peace I get from starting and finishing a task by doing so without interruptions. And loving my wife, family, friends and others of course include a lot of -other- matters that call me away from any task I might be working on in the moment.

The fact is that peace, pleasure and quality work is done (like driving… without texting!!!) with focus, one thing at a time.

The longer I live the more I’m convinced we were not created to multitask nor at least regularly add more complexity to our already overly taxed brains and emotions.

I’m also convinced that excellence in songwriting involves the art of quality ARRANGING, and just as we may not intellectually (or perhaps not being a songwriter, arranger, producer or music studio person) think about it, I’m convinced simplicity and organization rather than clutter facilitates peace. Think Danish design. Now -some- artistic and other statements CALL for clutter and mayhem to make a point! I get that and work with such a concept but only when I think it appropriate.

Funny… in re-doing my office/workshop space I began to consider purchasing a little 4 track recorder for super quick and simple demo’ing songs as I write -and have now decided I have an old laptop and already have the software (Linux, open source) to do it well enough.

Oh yeah… I was writing a blog about… what was it now??!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Simplicity or Multitasking

  1. Lieber Glenn, es ist eine Freude dir zuzuhören.
    Viele Grüße aus der alten Welt und alles Gute und Gottes Segen für deine Frau und dich.

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