Reason? Uhhhh…

As a fan of the amazing British author G.K. Chesterton Gilbert_Chesterton and due to watching plenty BBC Father Brown murder mystery episodes with my wife (which we both love) I often find myself drawn to his wit and wisdom.

Today I came across a G.K. quote that moved my brain quite literally.

As usual, the issues of our times are never solely and completely about heart and attitude. Jesus tells us to love God with all our heart, MIND, soul and strength. Sometimes we Christians seem to check our minds at the door.

I admit I do not fully agree with G.K. on all points, and to a degree like Oswald Chambers, when he was “on” which was most of the time, he was truly ON.

When either of them tried to flip English words and meaning on their heads, sometimes it worked brilliantly and at other moments I think the tactic confused, even lost the sense of the given phrase. Both brilliant, like all of us they were people of their times and in an age when the power of writing and great turn of a phrase was in some ways even more pronounced than today, they regularly hit the bullseye.

On to the line I found today. It’s from Chesterton’s Father Brown series books.

He is speaking with Flambeau, a reformed criminal who in the book series and sometimes in the BBC television series helps Father Brown solve the particular mystery.

At one point Flambeau fakes becoming a priest, Father Brown finds him out and toward the end of the conversation tells him part of why he deduced the truth about him was “You attacked reason. It’s bad theology.”

Whether hardness of heart or lack of using one’s brain is the issue, I’d say both are equally important. You don’t get solid biblical interpretation coupled with application if you don’t pay attention to both your heart as well as honest thought processes.

How easy to simply trash the obvious truths of scripture by one’s own personal views of “MY RIGHTS” as opposed to HIS right to our life and His command to love our neighbor as ourself.

Jesus’ commands are at least as profound as they are simple to understand. But how we leap into wretched theology and cut large holes in His words and our obligations on the basis of lack of heart… and brain.

Let’s not check our brains at the door.

Let us indeed check our motives as we interact with our neighbor.

Bad theology’s easy. You simply put yourself ahead of God and your neighbor as you quote scripture to protect your kingdom. You add to the text rather than wrestle with it and perhaps lose.

Consider also that The Teacher (Rabbi) Jesus teaches via our mind, not merely our heart. The brain must be engaged.

“Come, let us reason together” is always applicable. The sad fact is, like conscience, it can be easily tossed in the heat of emotion or simply personal gain or control issues.

As always, thanks for stopping by! –Glenn


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