In View of Parkland, FL and FAR Too Many ETCs.

In light of the horrible, insane tragedy of yet another school massacre (this time, Florida) I will re-post a segment from an earlier blog (

<snip>”I am deeply concerned that neither political position, corporate positioning and the money made via firearms and related industries are doing anything about public safety unless and until politicians and the public in harm’s way actually work to change and enforce such changes or active protocols REGARDLESS of cost.

Job security of pols, corporate manufacturers and retail stores vs. body count folks!

[Please read that above line again…]

Change the law/s, enforce the law/s or we shall see a great many more such tragedies.

For many of you who fight for both gun rights and the right to life: my wife and I adopted a child who would have been aborted. I now ask you what about the right to life for those worshippers in Texas […and kids in a Florida and a LOT of other schools!]?

I believe we are now discussing the right to kill, to end someone’s life. Be very careful with the handling of Jesus’ words as you begin to debate such matters.

I say these things as longtime and continuing gun owner, shooter and hunter: neither politicians nor the firearms industry nor a public that simply “goes along with busine$$ as usual” is anywhere close to a solution to such massacres.”

I am fully convinced God desires to have mercy- through US.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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